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I flew back yesterday from a whirlwind trip across the North Island of New Zealand. I went with my boyfriend Danny who is also a photographer and we wanted to capture as much of the country as we could manage in 6 days. We saw mountains, snow, deserts, green hills, capes, volcanoes, cliff-sides and black sandy beaches. We followed dirt tracks, bush paths, windy mountain roads and highways. I slept a fourteen hour night last night to recuperate, but I can't wait to begin editing the hundreds of photos. The two above are a preview, taken with my Iphone.



On a sunny winter's day, Brooke, Alana and I went for an afternoon bush walk to shoot a Spring editorial for IZE magazine. Brooke basked in the warm sun, wearing a beautiful collection of vintage dresses and pieces with colourful clashing patterns. Alana was a trooper, carrying the looks around the mountain as I led the team off the dirt path. Luckily we only got lost once. Below are our pages in IZE magazine.

The entire shoot can be found here.
model: Brooke Jamieson
stylist/mua: Alana Ferguson



I took my shiny new 5D out on the weekend for a test run. My boyfriend and I took some shots of the sunset at Wellington Point on Sunday, and below are a few of my shots. I'm pretty much in awe of the camera and what it can do, I never want to leave home without it again!


I recently had a handful of film developed after a shoot and discovered a few extra photos I had taken and completely forgotten about, shot in between shooting days or whilst I was waiting for the models to finish make-up.
The one on the top right is of me testing out the auto focus on my camera before a shoot, it has been a bit moody and unpredictable lately. The photo on the bottom left is an outtake from an upcoming editorial I shot at a beautiful lake just outside Brisbane.

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